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mango smoothie recipe without yoghurt

A glass of mango smoothie will be a refreshing beverage in a hot day. This sweet tropical fruit is very delicious. Therefore, in this post, a mango smoothie recipe without yoghurt is given. First thing to do is preparing the utensils and the ingredients that you need. For the utensils, you need a blender and a knife. The ingredients are :
  • some fresh mangoes
  • banana
  • a cup of low fat milk
  • one tea spoon of dry milk powder
  • honey
  • and a little bit of vanilla syrup
After preparing all the materials and the ingredients, you are ready to make this mango smoothie.
Firstly, slice your mango. You need more or less 6 big slices of fresh mango. In order to add some sweet taste in your tongue, you can add 3 – 4 little slices of banana. Next, place all the fruits in the blender. Third, you can add three spoons of low fat milk. Low fat milk is recommended rather than full cream milk in order to make this smoothie healthier. Next, add one tea spoon of honey and two tea spoons of milk powder. However, the additional of vanilla syrup is optional. Blend it together and it is already served. Mango smoothie recipe without yoghurt is an easy thing to do.

Source : http://aspenspecialtyfoods.com/how-to-make-a-smoothie-without-yogurt#mango

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